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by - June 27th, 2011

If you are seeking to reduce your dependence on the power grid and lower your electrical and heating costs. We are happy to answer your questions about alternative energy and hope you choose an alternative power solution that uses alternative power sources for home electricity and heating. Using our experience, along with advances in technology and the growing need for an environmentally friendly power source, Alternative Power for You seeks to bring renewable and alternative energy into your home for everyday use.

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What is Alternative Power?

Acording to wikipedia “Alternative energy is an umbrella term that refers to any source of usable energy intended to replace fuel sources without the undesired consequences of the replaced fuels.”

The term “alternative” assumes a set of undesirable energy technologies which “alternative energies” are compared. Sometimes, this less comprehensive meaning of “alternative energy” excludes nuclear energy.

The use of alternative and renewable energy not only includes cost factors, but it also incorporates less quantifiable characteristics like public perception of the company and its products or services as related to the lowering of environmental pollution.

Alternative energy sources such as solar energy, wind energy and water turbines for electricity have become increasingly popular because they can supply additional power to secure your family’s basic needs such as heat, water and refrigeration.

If done right, you’ll likely generate more electricity than you consume, and the power company will have to pay you for the power you feed back to the grid.

Trends in Alternative Electrical Power.

The alternative energy and renewable energy technology has been analysed for the worlds power trends and the industry is growing at a brisk rate and in the last ten years or so, this development has been considerable.

Wind power is the fastest growing source of electricity, according to the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). Today, wind power in the U.S. is less than 2.5% but it is expected to increase greatly in the next five to 10 years.

Alternative power sources are now about 17% of the worlds energy consumption, and growing at about 30% per year, backed by wide public support and strong corporate investment.

With the ongoing trend for more sustainable and environmental friendly energy sources, around $155 billion was invested last year into alternative energy.

This trend is being driven by increasing government recommendation and occasional government backing of alternative energy research and development, the rising cost of oil and other fossil fuels, concerns about environmental degradation, and desires to be energy independent.

In these circumstances, needs for alternative power units are felt by the consumers across the world and this urgent necessity is the main stimulator behind the development trends of alternative energy companies. The development in science and technology is another major reason for the latest trends of growth of the alternative energy companies.

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The Future of Alternative Power.

As the economy recovers we should see an increase in the clean energy trends and the entire world can also take advantage of the alternative energy technologies that are available and look for new technologies to be developed.

With the trend toward homes that recieve energy from alternative power sources – ranging from wind turbines and solar collection cells to hydrogen fuel cells and biomass gases, it should be a trend that will continue into the 21st century and beyond.